About Pegasus Durable Clothing:

Pegasus Durable Clothing is a family run business based in Paris France.

Kevin the founder of Pegasus, is an American who has lived all over the world and who has a passion for collecting vintage clothing and leather jackets as well as vintage motorcycles.

The idea for Pegasus durable clothing began when the founder (and collector of leather jackets) set out to make a better jacket than what was currently being offered.  Being that most makers concentrate on A2 jackets and vintage jacket replicas, the founder of Pegasus wanted something vintage inspired yet authentic and original.

He also wanted a better fitting jacket using higher quality materials. He found that most vintage copy jackets are badly cut and fit poorly. The leather, hardware, buttons, and lining being used also left something to be desired. The horsehide leather on the vintage copy jackets he bought and tested were better suited for shoes and bags rather than jackets. Often the leather was too thick and stiff to be worn comfortably and too waxy or oily to the touch. A far cry from the hides that were used on real vintage leather jackets in his collection.

The task was clear; the founder of Pegasus began designing and making jackets of his own. The end results are jackets with authentic styling, a correct "trim" vintage fit, and the most premium hides, linings, and hardware available.

This is what sets Pegasus apart from the competition.

Production runs of the jackets are small and Pegasus uses experienced old world tailors highly skilled in working with leather. Pegasus jackets are made the way they used to be, one at a time with patience, care, pride, and attention to detail. Only the best materials are used for making jackets; such as genuine horn buttons, 100% cotton flannel and wool linings, top notch hardware, and the finest leathers with the right thickness, grain, and hand. This ensures a high level of quality making the jacket stand out from the crowd of mass produced items and vintage replica jackets out there.

Pegasus means timeless designs, hand made, using the best materials and workmanship.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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