Pegasus Vintage Garrison Belt

Pegasus offers high quality hand made leather two hole garrison bridle belt. Each belt is hand made by experienced artisans to the same level of perfection and attention to detail as our jackets. Along with premium grade full grain bridle leathers, we use heavy duty hardware, hand stitching and finishing.  This is not just a belt, it is a work of art!

Pegasus Hand Made Garrison Bridle Leather Belt with Solid Brass or Chrome buckle.

We use the best 4mm thick 10 ounce vegetable tanned bridle butt leather from the best tannery in the world.  Our bridle leather belt is completely handmade from premium bridle butt, hand waxed twisted linen thread, and a double tongued solid brass or single tongued chromed garrison buckle. This belt will perfectly complement our leather jackets when worn with a pair of jeans for a rugged yet elegant look.

The belts are entirely made by hand.  Artisans hand cut to size selected bridle butt using old world techniques then bevel, burnish, polish and crease the edges, hand punch the two rows of holes, and hand stitch the solid brass buckle to the belt using extra heavy gage hand waxed and twisted linen thread with a harness stitch.

This not only makes the finished belt a beautiful piece of leather work, but it also ensures the belt is extremely durable and robust.  This is the epitomy of the Pegasus philosophy.

This is an old fashioned, time consuming and labor intensive process using no modern machinery.  This is not a mass produced belt you buy off the rack.  It is a hand made luxury item that will last for years to come and actually improve with age.  As you can imagine, the final product is a reflection of the labor of love that goes into making each belt by hand.

Each belt is individually made to measure for you and will come with 7 holes, giving you 6 inches of adjustment. Please see our sizing guide to help specify your correct size

Each belt takes a full four weeks to make but is well worth the wait.

The full range of colors can be seen below.  Price: 140 USD

Order your belt by choosing the leather color and buckle, then specify your size on the PayPal order: 

Double Tongue Solid Brass

Belt width: 1 1/2"

Single Tongue Chromed

Belt width: 1 3/4"

Bridle Leather Colors

Bridle leather has both the flesh and grain side of the leather stuffed with greases and finished with wax. This is generally a labor intensive process, thus expensive!

Bridle leather is strong and durable, has good depth of color, ages well, and it is without any natural imperfections that weaken the leather. It is smooth, comfortable, and flexible making it the perfect leather for belts.

We use only the best 4mm thick bridle butt (the best and smoothest part of the bridle leather) that is vegetable tanned using natural plant resins and hand finished.


Antique Brown 

This color is a perfect match for our Dark Antique Brown Horsehide Jackets and.  This is a dark brown color that can be described as dark chocolate and has a small hint of red.  A true classic that will complement any wardrobe.  This is the color of the pictured belt.


Vintage Black

Black needs no embellishment. This is a true, deep black with and will perfectly complement our Vintage Black or Jet Black leathers.  For the true rocker and very popular with a chromed buckle.



Cabernet is best described as a brownish burgundy with deep shades of red.  It is a very rich color that will take on different hues when viewed at different angles.  This color will go with just about any of our leather colors and is a true classic that should be included in every wardrobe.


Dark Tan

This color could be described as a light brown with orange overtones. A lovely warm shade that really lets the texture and soul of the leather shine through. This is another classic color that will compliment any of our leather jackets.


Light Tan

This lovely shade has brown and yellow overtones and is close to the natural shade of Bridle leather.  It will acquire a warm patina as the years go by.  A must for the leather aficionado who appreciates leather close to its natural state.


Forest Green

Forest Green is a deep dark green that is subtle yet extraordinary. This color has plenty of character and is not for the faint of heart.  A rare and beautiful color for those who appreciate something subtle yet out of the ordinary.


Fire Engine Red

A true red with no sign of brown that makes a beautiful eye-catching racy belt.  For those who want to stand out from the crowd.  This color can work perfectly with either the brass or chromed buckle.



This dark blue color is something of a rarity and has a subtly dressier connotation.  It could pass for black but will show its true beauty and subtle highlights when seen in bright daylight.  A very unusual shade for those who are looking for a dressier alternative.