Belt Sizing Guide

Your belt will be made to measure to your size to the nearest 1/2 inch. Our belts have seven holes, giving you 6 inches of adjustment and the nominal size will be in the middle (hole #4).

IMPORTANT:  Please do not specify your waist size as this does not correspond to the belt size!

There are several methods to find the correct belt size and we recommend you cross check at least two of the following:

  1. Measure an existing belt. Don't include the buckle, but measure from the end of the leather where the buckle sits to the hole that fits you best. If your belt is thin or stretchy then add 1/2 an inch to the measurement.

  2. Add 2" to the waist size of your jeans. For example if you wear a 34" waist you should order a 36" belt. If however you wear a 34" waist, but they are a bit of a struggle, you probably have a 35" waist so you should order a 37" belt (remembering that most pants and jeans usually only come in even sizes).  This is why its important to cross check using one of the other methods.

  3. Measure around the waist of a pair of jeans you'll be wearing with your belt. Do this whilst wearing them, and measure with your tape measure running through your belt loops. Don't pull it too tight.  You should always round your size up, not down, so if you measure 38 1/4" (for example) order a 38 1/2" or 39" belt.

Please remember, you can always wear a belt thats too long, but you can't make it longer if its too short. If in doubt give us a measurement that's slightly longer rather than shorter.