Dan S. from Arizona:

Sublimely decadent.  They are beautiful as you promised. You have a real fan here.


Pertti N. from Finland:

Jacket is absolutely great! Thanx for that :)


William Z. from California:

It came it's great! Good job guys!


Joern D. from Germany:

Thank you very much for this wonderful jacket!  I think that the design is an amazing workmanship. The leather is fantastic, I love it!

Alex C. from Italy:

Very nice and original design.  Top notch materials and craftsmanship...


 Richard R. from California:

First of all, this jacket rules! It fits perfectly and is already starting to break in nicely. The quality of the leather and the workmanship is superior and I really dig the plaid liner. I'm very impressed.


 John C. from Canada:

Prompt shipping and jacket as described. Thank-you!

Richard A. France:

Can't wait for the weather to wear my Pegasus Jacket!


 Brian K. from New York:

I received the jacket and it is beautiful and fits perfectly.  I am going to also purchase one for winter.

Two beautiful jackets. Merci beaucoup.

Alexandre D. from Brazil:

I received the jacket and it's a dream. Wonderful. Thanks for everything.


Guy M. from France:

Beautiful jacket.  Premium leather.  Thank you!


Yves E. from France:

Nice color and very well cut jacket. Great details, finish, and really beautiful leather.



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