The D-Pocket Horsehide Motorcycle Jacket gets its inspiration from American and European vintage leather jackets of the 1940's to 1950's.  This era was the genesis of the motorcycle jacket.

Product description:

-     The dual cinch side belts and zippered sleeves to keep out drafts

-    Large and distinctive “pointed” D-pocket, scalloped change pocket, two exterior buttoned side pockets, and inside button pocket to keep plenty of gear while on the road

-    Heavy duty vintage style zippers:  Smooth action vintage style chain pocket zipper, heavy gage curving front zipper, and the distinctive sleeve zippers can all be easily gripped and zipped even while wearing riding gloves

-    Genuine premium buffalo horn buttons (like those used in the past before the advent of plastic)

-    Your choice of premium 100% worsted wool or cotton lining in the body, high quality satin in the sleeves, and heavy duty pocket linings

-   Leather facings on wear areas such as the inside armpits and leather kidney panel

-    Underarm vents for comfort

-    Dual back pleats for ease of movement



-     The fit of the jacket is very distinctive and stays true to vintage styling

-     It slopes slightly to the front (longer in the front than the back)

-     The shoulders are square and neat fitting (no saggy drop shoulders).

-   Full chest area with higher armholes than most modern jackets (for a comfortable fit without looking baggy).

-    Tapered waist (which can be further adjusted with the side cinch belts).

-    Slight cantilever on sleeves to better suit riding position

Pegasus D-pocket Vintage Jacket
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Pegasus D-Pocket Motorcycle Jacket
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