The double breasted or "Doppelreihiger" Luftwaffe style was made famous by the German flying ace Hans Joachim Marseille.  Marseille and other German WWII pilots needed warm gear to protect them from the drafty cockpits as they took to the skies.  

This is a 1930's to 1940's military style pilot's jacket although these pilots commissioned their personal tailors to create their own unique and stylish flight jackets.  Our jacket is true to the originals with period correct yet functional details, materials, workmanship, and iconic styling.  The old world workmanship and high quality materials makes this jacket as good if not better than the originals!  Its a good thing the Luftwaffe didn't have Pegasus jackets otherwise they might have won World War II ;-).

Product description:

-  The cinch side belts and adjustable sleeves to keep out drafts while riding a motorbike (or flying a Messerschmitt).

-  One downward slanted zippered chest pockets, two hand warmer pockets, and an inside chest pocket to keep plenty of gear while on the road (or in the sky).

-  Heavy duty vintage German style zipper

-  Genuine leather buttons

-  Double Breasted style and button through throat-latch on collar for extra warmth wind resistance

-  Premium wool lining in the body (cotton option available), high quality satin in the sleeves, and heavy duty pocket linings.

-  Leather facings on wear areas such as on the armpits and bottom.

-  Ventilation holes under the arms.

-  Slightly cantilevered sleeves to suit riding position.

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Pegasus Double Breasted Luftwaffe
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