Pegasus Durable Clothing offers 4 types of leather:

- Genuine Front Quarter Horsehide

- Genuine All Weather Goatskin

- Genuine Full Grain Steerhide


Please read the descriptions below to choose the leather type that's best suited to you.

We use a premium grade of Horsehide leather which is 1.4mm thick and 3.5 ounce. We have been working with our tannery to bring you this exclusive new horsehide which is more robust but still maintains the same high level of quality, wearability, and suppleness that you are used to from Pegasus.  Our horsehide should not be confused with the chrome tanned "shoe leather" horsehide others are using that is more befitting footwear and leather goods as opposed to fine outerwear. Our leather is in a class all its own. This extremely high quality horsehide is garment grade, combination tanned, aniline dyed, natural full grain front quarter horsehide. Not too thick, not too thin. Comfortable while giving adequate protection. Combination tanned means that the hides are chrome tanned, then vegetable re-tanned using plant based resins in order to have the best of both worlds; superior water repellent qualities, a soft hand, and beautiful grain.  Horsehide is a premium leather which will soften with age but will not lose its shape. Its a leather that also ages extremely well. Horsehide is rare and there are only a few tanneries in the world that use old school techniques to produce it.  It is considered the most noble of leathers among experts and collectors. It is especially appreciated since it acquires a warm vintage patina and rugged grain as it molds to the wearer's body. Horsehide is extremely tough and highly abrasion resistant with waterproof qualities making it an ideal leather for motorcycle and outdoor use.

Our Horsehide Colors:

The Dark Antique Brown has to be seen to be appreciated. It has a richness and depth that is second to none. The topcoat is a "satin" finish meaning its not too shiny nor too mat.  The topcoat will wear with age which will give the leather a lovely patina.  This is not the the run of the mill "Seal Brown" leather used by so many.  It has character, elegance, and vintage charm all rolled up into one.  The color is close to a tasty milk chocolate with subtle nuances and variations in the color. No need for the Sepia mode on this one ;-)

For the Vintage Black we use a satin black top coat that's not too dull and not too shiny.  This topcoat will wear with age which will give the leather a lovely patina.  The Vintage Black is an elegant leather that can be dressed up or dressed down with just a touch of the "bad boy" look.  This is the classic color for a leather jacket.  You can't go wrong with vintage black and it never goes out of style.

Please Note:  On a new jacket, the leather tends to be a bit stiff at first but will soften with use and will mold to the wearer's becoming more comfortable with use.  Please allow a break-in period especially for our horsehide leathers.  The legendary qualities of this leather will show through with time.

 Dark Antique Brown Horsehide

Vintage Black Horsehide


Our super premium full aniline dyed, combination tanned, garment grade steerhide is the absolute top quality available.  It is soft and supple having a silky smooth hand and excellent weather resistant properties.  The full grain uncorrected surface retains all the rich grain and natural character of the hide which will quickly develop a glowing patina.  It is soft and pliable even when new needing a minimal break-in period.  The finish is semi-gloss (less shiny than our horsehide).  The thickness is around 1.2mm or 3 ounces making it the perfect leather for a mid season jacket.  It has the pleasant smell of natural resins and oils used during the tanning process.  A superior leather with depth, character, and elegance.

The Dark Chocolate steerhide looks as delicious as it sounds! It is an elegant and rich color that will go with just about anything. Don't let the softness and smooth hand fool you, this hide is as tough as nails.  It has a slightly matte finish that makes is very versatile.  It is the quintessential leather jacket color that works with any style and is a must to complete your wardrobe.

The Jet Black is a true black on black leather meaning that the body is black to match the top coat.  If deep black is what you are looking for, then this is the one.  This leather has all the aura you would want for the perfect "black leather jacket".

Dark Chocolate Steerhide
Jet Black Steerhide

The supple hand and characteristic small pebble like grain of the super premium goatskin molds to your body and develops a glowing patina with age. The amazing grain is natural and not printed or corrected in any way whatsoever.  This characteristic grain gives goatskin a rugged look that is unmistakeable and sets it apart from all other leathers.  Goatskin is one of the most indestructible leathers and was used for pilot jackets like the A2 in WWII and the G1 during the Korean war. It has excellent abraision and tear resistance.  Perfect for an all weather motorcycle jacket. Our Goatskin is buttery soft from the start requiring no break in and acquires a nice drape and creasing.  It has a supple and slightly waxy hand.  The thickness is 1.2mm, which translates to 3 ounces in weight and it has  the pleasant characteristic smell of natural resins and oils used during the tanning process.  A magnificent and rugged leather with amazing natural grain and a buttery soft hand.

Chestnut Brown Goatskin

Available linings
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