The Luftwaffe is a 1930's to 1940's military style pilot's jacket.

The design is also known as the "Cycliste" because they were French made jackets for bicycle riders in the early days. The tapered and short jacket design was perfect in the cold and drafty cockpit of the early Messerschmitt warplanes and these jackets were adopted by a number of German Luftwaffe pilots as an unofficial part of their uniform. Since these jackets were privately commissioned, there is no "official" pattern and therefore each jacket had its own individual set of details. We have personally handled a number of these jackets (there are still many around in France) and feel that we have designed one that is true to the originals and incorporates the most functional set of details for use on a motorbike or in a cockpit for that matter!


Ruggedly handsome with just the right amount of vintage and functional details: Understated Elegance.


Product description:

-  The cinch side belts and zippered sleeves to keep out drafts while riding a motorbike.

-  Two downward slanted outside zippered chest pockets, buttoned handwarmer, and inside pocket to keep plenty of gear while on the road

-  Heavy duty vintage German style zippers

-  Throatlatch on collar and snap closures on sleeves for extra warmth wind resitance

-  Premium 100% cotton Velveteen lining in the body, high quality satin in the sleeves, and heavy duty pocket linings.

-  Leather facings on wear areas such as on the bottom.

-  Ventilation holes under the arms.

-  Slightly cantilevered sleeves to suit riding position.

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