New Thick 1.4mm 3.5oz Horsehide

July 28, 2013
Hi All!  We are now using a new thicker grade of horsehide leather. This heavier horsehide provides better protection against the elements but the quality and wearability are still the same as before.  We've worked hard with our tanner to bring you this exclusive leather that permeates quality, luxury, and durability .  The depth of color and finishes are second to none and are as close as one can get to what a vintage jacket would have looked like when new.   Please have a look on our leather page for a full description.

The Fedora Lounge - Pegasus Luftwaffe jacket review

July 6, 2013
Check out the rave review we got for the Luftwaffe jacket on "The Fedora Lounge":

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Pegasus Jackets in the News

June 24, 2013
Pegasus Jackets in the July - August issue of CLEVER. A hot new motorcycle magazine.


If you want to see an article click here to download PDF version.

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Award winning Actor Michael Biehn wearing a Pegasus D-pocket.

April 25, 2013

Michael is an award winning seasoned actor and is best known for his roles as Kyle Reese in the Terminator,
Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Aliens, and Lt. Coffeyamong in the Abyss.

He's a die hard Pegasus fan!

                                                                    MB and wife...and the jacket:) ...
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Pegasus Cafe Racer review on Fedora Lounge

August 23, 2012
Here's a link below to a very nice and thorough review posted on the Fedora Lounge.  Thanks Tony for the kind words and wow, what a great bike!

The full review below:

Pegasus Durable Clothing Horsehide Cafe Racer Review

So I decided after months of debating and saving to purchase a cafe racer jacke...

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Double Breasted "Marseille" Style Lufwaffe and Gangster Coat Added to Store

July 18, 2012
Hi Folks,

We just got around to "officially" adding the Gangster and DB Luftwaffe to the store.  Needless to say we've been busy filling orders and let things slide on the website front.  More pics will follow on the jackets page but you can check out our E-bay listings to see more pics.

Here are a couple of the Gangster Overcoat:

And a few pictures of the Double Breasted Doppelreihiger Luftwaffe:

These are two great coats that we are proud to be offering. The styling, quality, and attention to d...
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Pegasus Vintage Garrison Bridle Belt

February 16, 2012
We are proud to introduce our new line of made to measure garrison belts.  These belts are made with the top of the line 4mm bridle butt from the best tannery in the world for bridle leather.  Our belts are hand made by experienced artisans using old world techniques and are true works of art.  They will go perfectly with our jackets and have all the attention to detail and high quality materials and workmanship you would expect from us.  We are sure these belts will become a instant classics...
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Ladie's Pegasus D-pocket model to be released soon

January 27, 2012
We are geared up to release a new Ladie's version soon.  Please see our post on the Fedora lounge to see details of this beautiful and flattering ladie's model by following this link:  Ladies Motorcycle Jacket Challenge

Making a leather jacket that hugs the curves of the feminin form is indeed a challenge.  We feel that our D-pocket model for ladies does that and more.  This not your ordinary paper thin designer mall leather jacket for women made of cheap lambskin, its a premium jacket using p...
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New Steerhide Leather

January 10, 2012
Pegasus now has a new leather choice: Super Premium Analine Dyed Combination Tanned Garment Grade Steerhide.  This is one of the best hides I've personally ever seen.  The hand and grain have to be appreciated in person.  It is soft and supple but has tons of character (not your ordinary garden variety steer).  There are three colors available, auburn brown (brown with a slight reddish tinge), dark khaki (brown with an olive tinge), and jet black.
We've very excited about this new hide which i...
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Pegasus D-pocket jacket review on The Fedora Lounge

November 23, 2011
Thanks to "Cuthbert" for such a thorough review on The Fedora Lounge, the ultimate forum for all things vintage.  You can find the full reveiw by following this link:

Here's an excerpt from the review:

"The D-pocket model according to Kevin is inspired by the biker's jacket of the 40s, but it's not a copy of any of the models of that time: completely zipped up it it looks like a double breasted cossack or ulhan milt...
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