We are geared up to release a new Ladie's version soon.  Please see our post on the Fedora lounge to see details of this beautiful and flattering ladie's model by following this link:  Ladies Motorcycle Jacket Challenge

Making a leather jacket that hugs the curves of the feminin form is indeed a challenge.  We feel that our D-pocket model for ladies does that and more.  This not your ordinary paper thin designer mall leather jacket for women made of cheap lambskin, its a premium jacket using premium materials and leather that keeps the authentic character of the Pegasus style and still provides adequate protection.  It has more style than off the rack "cookie cutter" designer jackets that will be worn for one season until the "fashion trend" changes.  Our jacket has a timeless style that doesn't follow any trend but still makes a fashion statement by itself.  A jacket that can be enjoyed year after year by fashion conscious women who want a quality garment.

Here are some pics to better appreciate this:

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