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Posted by Jo on Thursday, August 23, 2012
Here's a link below to a very nice and thorough review posted on the Fedora Lounge.  Thanks Tony for the kind words and wow, what a great bike!

The full review below:

Pegasus Durable Clothing Horsehide Cafe Racer Review

So I decided after months of debating and saving to purchase a cafe racer jacket from Pegasus Durable Clothing. It was a move I wouldn't regret and in this review I will examine the jacket from two viewpoints: form & function. I've owned or do currently own all the major players in the market. Currently alongside my Pegasus I own two Bates ('76 All Pro racer and early 80's lancer type CHP) But I've sold off some Vanson's, Brimacos, Brooks etc...My ride is a '58 ironhead chopa that I built in 2001.
Hopefully the image of my bike uploaded, if so you can see the extreme reach I have for the bars. The issue I've always had with my leathers is how they fit on and off the bike. Usually on the bike good=off the bike bad. In the same way I want a jacket that looks good open and closed. Enter the Pegasus. First thing I noticed was the leather. Very thick and robust indeed. I sold my Aero b/c it felt like heavy plastic...perhaps if I had received it on my 18th birthday it would have started to break in by now(I'm 38). I'm not knocking Aero at all...just not my cup o' tea. Where the Aero was restrictive in movement the Pegasus is not, the leather is much more flexible and has a softer hand. The vintage black finish is beautiful w/ glowing brown highlights reminding me off my fathers old riding leathers.
Everything on this jacket is finished perfectly. Cuff zips on the outside of sleeve is great, chest
zips function well and are easy to grasp w/ gloves. I believe this to be suitable riding gear for protective purposes as the leather is quite stout. Hopefully I'll never have to test it. I like my leathers neat and trim as you can see
I'm 5'10, 210lbs and saw fit to order a size 42"
So functionally I think this is the finest leather I've owned. I suppose I should mention the quality of the lining as well. Very soft and comfortable tartan plaid in the body and wonderful satin in the sleeves. Very easy to wear and comfortable on the skin. I never really liked drill type liners or zip-ins. From the standpoint of form the jacket is perfect, very neat and square at the shoulders, sleeves are trim (very much apart from Vanson & Aero) and stylistically all the elements are spot on. I was a little concerned about the height of the stand collar at first but when I tried it on those fears abated...
If I were to change anything on this jacket it would be the length in back...I'd like another 1" in back, in part b/c of the posture I assume when riding. I absolutely plan on ordering another jacket from Pegasus, perhaps w/ some customization. My next will be his "D" pocket, I feel for the $ spent you can't find a better jacket.

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