Our jackets are a vintage/slim fit and run true to size. They are neither baggy, nor too tight. A lot of time was spent designing, measuring, and refining patterns for a fit that's true to size, comfortable, and retains a vintage cut and styling.  Our jackets look neat and fit as they should without compromising comfort.  Please use the guide below when ordering your size. If you want a more comfortable/modern fit or are planning to wear thick layers of clothing underneath, then we recommend ordering one size up.

To find a size that corresponds the best we advise you to take measurements on yourself, otherwise you can measure a current leather jacket that fits you well for comparison. When measuring a jacket, be sure to keep the leather as flat as possible, using the outermost edges to start and finish.

NOTE:  On a new jacket, the leather tends to be a bit stiff and the jacket will feel tight at first but will soften with use and mold to the wearer's body becoming more comfortable. Please wear the jacket gently at first and avoid going through the full range of movements immediately (stretching arms out, etc.).  This will avoid damaging the seams and will ultimately make your jacket last longer. The reason is that the leather fibers need to stretch and break in a bit to flex and give correctly at the stress points.  No leather care products are necessary for our jackets.  The leather is very robust and will last a lifetime.  By following these simple guidelines the legendary qualities of this leather will show through with time

Pegasus jackets sizes