High quality horsehide leather motorcycle jackets

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The “Pegasus” in mythology was the winged horse of the hero “Hercules” (an allusion to one of the iconic leather jacket brands of the 40's and 50's).  

Although our source of inspiration is vintage jackets, Pegasus doesn't make "repros" or copies of vintage models but jackets that are original  and authentic in their own right.  Instead of just replicating, we prefer to honor the work of the original makers like Hercules, Beck, Buco, Trojan and so many others by imagining and creating unique designs just like they did many years ago.

As for quality, our high end leather jackets are built to last using the highest standards of quality materials and workmanship, the way clothing used to be made long ago. That's why you'll find the words ''Durable Clothing'' on our logo.



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Pegasus horsehide leather motorcycle jackets with high end vintage inspired styles like the Dpocket, d-pocket leather jacket, safari coat, safari jacket, caferacer, cafe racer leather jacket, car coat, Marseille luftwaffe leather jacket, and the officer's trench coat trenchcoat use heavy front quarter horsehide leather which is vegetable and chrome tanned (referred to as combination tanned).

They are for serious motorcycle bikers and motorbike riders and provide protection against the elements. They are not copies of vintage Hercules, Buco, Beck, Trojan, Brimaco, British Cycle, Grais, Leather Togs, Northeastern, Schott one star, Winward, Californian, jackets that our competitors make. We do not use Talon, Crown, Conmar, or Waldes copy zippers.

Les blousons d'inspiration vintage en cuir de poulain ou cuir de cheval chez Pegasus sont les meilleurs du marché. Nous utilison les meileurs cuirs avec un tannage vegetale et minéral.

Die Lederjacken Pferd oder Fohlen bei Pegasus sind die besten auf dem Markt. Wir verwenden die besten Leder mit pflanzlichen und mineralischen gegerbt. Pegasus Vintage inspiriert Lederjacken Verwendung Premium Pferdeleder Leder und sind die besten auf dem Markt. Die Leder sind Kombination gegerbt mit pflanzlichen und mineralischen Gerbung Harze.